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The Altar: Good Memories of Bad Love

The Altar: Good Memories of Bad Love

Exhibited at the Museum of Broken Relationships, Los Angeles, September 9 - October 1, 2017

Even our worst relationships have value, but we fixate on what didn’t work - on the ending. People like to remind us what went wrong. Your family says they never liked him anyway and your friends say you’re more fun without her. Everyone assures you that you’re better off. You’re expected to throw the whole thing away, but why forfeit good memories to a bad ending?

The Altar: Good Memories of Bad Love is an interactive installation that provides a place to honor your exes and think fondly of the best parts of even your worst relationships. It’s a place to consider what you learned, how you grew, the bond you shared - a place to think of breakups not as failures, but as educations. You can box up your worst memories and sacrifice them to The Altar. After letting go of the bad parts, you’ll find it easier to appreciate the good.

The Altar is a follow-up to the illustrated book of short stories, How We End. which chronicles the romantic history of an unreliable narrator. The book is about intimacy and heartbreak, but also about the way we communicate and the way truth deteriorates every time we tell a story.

The Altar opened on September 9th, 2017 and culminated in a storytelling event on October 1st, at which people recounted the best parts of their worst relationships.